GGP - Projects FY2013-2014

The Project for Construction of Additional Classrooms in the Primary and Junior High School "Faik Konica" (57,305 euros)

The primary school “Faik Konica” is located in the village of Sllupçan, in the Lipkovo municipality in the northern part of Macedonia, at a distance of about one hour from Skopje.

Today, more than 850 pupils attend the elementary school in Sllupçan. However, a reform of Macedonian educational system which extended the length of primary education from eight to nine school years resulted in a shortage of available classrooms. A part of the youngest pupils is currently studying in the school building’s cellar and a room rented in a public building in a neighboring municipality. As an even greater increase in the numbers of pupils can be expected in the future, expanding the number of class rooms is indispensable. However, the financial situation of the municipality does not allow for it and the waiting time for financial assistance from the government is considerable.

The purpose of this project is to grant financial assistance for the expansion of three additional class rooms to resolve of shortage of class room space so that the children can be educated in a beneficial environment.

GGP Project Primary and Junior High School "Faik Konica"

Project Completion Ceremony

The project was succesfully completed and the Project Completion Ceremony was held on October 17, 2014 under attendance of the Minister for Education and Science, Mr. Abdilakim Ademi, the Mayor of Municipality Lipkovo, Mr. Sadulla Duraki as well as a representative of the Embassy of Japan in Vienna.

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