GGP - Projects FY2013-2014

The Project for Equipping the University Clinic of Neurology in Skopje with Medical Apparatuses (73,296 euros)

The Skopje University Clinic is located in the capital city of Skopje and is the largest university hospital in Macedonia. Patients not only from all over the country are taken there for treatment, but also from the neighboring country Kosovo, without distinction of the patients’ ethnicity. About 20,000 patients are transported to the clinic by ambulance per year, and it is treating about 2,000 inpatients at all times.

Despite the whole country relying on the hospital, the financial situation of the Ministry of Health which is charge of the clinic’s public funding is precarious. Thus, even with budget provided by the Ministry, the hospital registers a deficit in its operating funds each year. This makes it impossible to purchase new medical equipment to replace old devices, malfunctioning or broken from deterioration.

The purpose of this project is to grant financial assistance for the purchase of the following three pieces of medical equipment which are indispensable for the examination of stroke patients and patients with a high risk of stroke, and should therefore be provided as soon as possible: 1 Color Doppler Ultrasound, 1 Transcranial Doppler, 1 Video EEG. The new equipment will allow for the examination of approximately 4,400 patients a year who are currently still waiting for an appropriate therapy.

Project Completion Ceremony

GGP Project University Clinic of Neurology

The project was succesfully completed and the Project Completion Ceremony was held at the University Clinic of Neurology on October 16, 2014 under attendance of Ambassador of Japan to Macedonia, Mr. Makoto Taketoshi.

Ambassador Taketoshi, who visited the Clinic for an insight of the new equipment in the public health institution, was pleased to note that the apparatus provided by nonrefundable financial aid are expected to improve the medical care for 4.400 patients per year.

"This year Macedonia and Japan are celebrating 20 years of the establishment of friendship and diplomatic relations. I am pleased that the celebration of the 20th anniversary matches with this cooperation with the Clinic." - added Ambassador Taketoshi.

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