GGP - Projects FY2012-2013

The Project for Procurement of Garbage Truck in the municipality of Kochani (51,541 euros)

The municipality of Kochani is located in the eastern part of Macedonia and home to a population of approximately 40,000 inhabitants. The municipality is currently forced to operate its garbage collection in the city and surrounding villages using a total of eleven garbage trucks. Only four of them can de facto be operated in those parts of city with steep slopes and narrow streets, as well as in the suburban villages (villages of Beri, Puribachebo and Orizani). However, these four trucks as well as the whole fleet are becoming too old for service. Due to the vehicles’ considerable age, engine trouble occurs frequently. Their load capacity is also limited to a mere 3m³, thus frequently the garbage cannot be not picked up as scheduled. The garbage is left uncollected in the dump sites for long periods of time and gives off an unsanitary stench, especially in the summer season. The serious decline of the living standard and sanitary situation gives cause to worry.

The purpose of this project is to grant financial assistance to provide for a modern garbage truck which can carry a garbage load of 5m³, in order to improve the sanitary situation of the inhabitants.

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