GGP - Projects FY2012-2013

The project for Refurbishment of Windows, Doors, and Toilets in the Kindergarten "Prolet" (55,232 euros)

This kindergarten is located in the municipality of Karpos in the north eastern part of Macedonia and attended by approximately 250 children.

Most of the windows and doors of the kindergarten have not been refurbished since the establishment of the facility more than 30 years ago and have become decrepit over the course of time. The windows no longer close properly and cannot prevent a cold draft entering in winter. In order to protect themselves from the cold, the children are forced to wear warm coats and hats at all times when taking their education. This depressing situation has led to many children becoming sickly and having to skip kindergarten.

Furthermore, the toilets in the facility have also never been mended since its establishment in 1977 and are in a particularly bad condition. There is a danger of infectious diseases spreading due to leaking water etc. if the situation is left uncorrected. The negative effect on the children’s health is considerable.

The purpose of this project is to grant financial assistance for the exchange of wooden window frames, doors and doors with windows for products made of PVC, as well as for the renovation of the toilet for children so the children can to take their education in an appropriate learning environment.

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