GGP - Projects FY2012-2013

Project for Improvement of Heating System in the Primary School "Magdalena Antova" (53,015 euros)

The elementary school is located in the municipality of Kumanovo in the northern part of Macedonia and attended by approximately 700 children aged between 6 and 14.

The school has not yet introduced modern central heating, thus during the winter season, teachers and pupils have to withstand the cold by using wood burning stoves. However, these stoves have now become too old for work: not only are the class rooms not getting warm enough, it has also become unavoidable to regularly air the rooms in order to protect the children’s health from soot and ash produced by the combustion of the fire wood. The depressing situation of taking their classes in a freezing classroom is having a very detrimental psychological impact on the children.

The purpose of this project is to grant financial assistance to the school so it may install 103 radiators and cover the costs for the construction of a boiler room, so the children at “Magdalena Antova” can receive their education in an appropriate learning environment.

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