GGP - Projects FY2013-2014

The Project for Equipping the Regional Hospital Prizren with New Ambulances (51,400 euros)

The Regional Hospital Prizren is the second largest public hospital in Kosovo, located in the municipality of Prizren in the south of the country. The hospital is equipped with about 500 beds and treats about 25,000 inpatients per year. As this hospital does not include neurosurgery, cardio surgery, intensive neonatology and other specialized departments, patients with severe conditions must be transferred e.g. to the general hospital in the capital city of Pristina, or the neighboring countries Albania and Macedonia. Currently the hospital is equipped with three ambulances. Two of them were purchased more than ten years ago, and are becoming too outworn for operation, with the engines frequently malfunctioning. Furthermore, the ambulances are not suited for long-distance transfer of patients as they are only fitted with basic medical equipment.

The purpose of this project is to improve the transport situation by granting financial assistance for the purchase of two new ambulances for long-distance transfers so that patients can be transferred in a beneficial situation.

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