GGP - Projects FY2012-2013

The Project for Equipping the Regional Hospital "Isa Grezda" with New Ambulances (56,000 euros)

The municipality of Gjakova where the Isa Grezda Hospital is located, is home to a population of approximately 115,000 inhabitants, and situated about 80km southwest of Prishtina. The hospital was founded in 1946 and is the only public hospital in the municipality of Gjakova.

The facility currently has at its disposition a total of four ambulance cars. However, two of them are in particularity poor condition and can no longer be used for carrying patients. Thus this hospital is forced to operate its transports with de facto only two ambulances. During 2011 alone, the ambulances were launched in response to as many as 2,321 emergency calls, and the hospital will soon become unable to handle calls with only its current two cars. Residents in need of emergency treatment are placed in the intolerable situation of not receiving necessary medical treatment at the appropriate time.

In addition, the hospital does not belong to the category of general hospital, thus patients who require specialized medical services such as treatment of tumors, cancer, chest diseases, or cardiovascular and respiratory surgery etc. have to be transported to remote hospitals in Pristina, or even Tirana or Skopje in the neighbouring countries. However, due to the cars being occupied with emergency calls, patients often cannot be transported. To improve this situation and to establish timely medical services for the residents in the region Gjakova, the government of Japan provides two ambulance cars.

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