GGP - Projects FY2012-2013

The Project of Equipping the Fire Department of Municipality Kamenica with a New Fire Truck (129,033 euros)

The Fire Department Kamenica is located in the municipality of Kamenica in the eastern part of Kosovo. The population of this municipality is made up of a majority of Albanians (about 70%), but also about 25% Serbs and 5% Roma are living in the region. This makes Kamenica one of the most advanced municipalities in Kosovo in terms of multi ethnic coexistence. The municipality of Raniluge, a neighbouring municipality of Kamenica, was established in 2011, and its residents are mostly Serbs. Its financial base is fragile and it cannot afford to establish its own fire department, thus both municipalities have concluded an agreement according to which the fire department of Kamenica assists fire fighting operations in the Raniluge as well.

The fire fighting activities of the fire department of Kamenica have so far been performed with only one fire truck. This truck broke down in April 2012 and has become irreparable. Since then, Kamenica has borrowed a water tank fire truck with power pump from the municipality of Gjilan. However, the borrowed truck is having frequent engine trouble due to its poor condition, and often fails to start up rapidly in an emergency. In several cases already, the assistance of Gjilan Fire Department had to be called upon, resulting in an obstructive of swift fire fighting action.

The purpose of this project is to grant financial assistance to purchase one new fire truck with power pump, equipped with a sufficient water tank and superior mobility in order to improve the fire fighting capacity and promotion of ethnic harmony between the two coexisting municipalities of multi-ethnic Kamenica and mostly Serbian Raniluge.

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