GGP - Projects FY2012-2013

The Project for Equipping the Main Centre of Family Medicine in Fushe Kosova with Medical Apparatuses (63,850 euros)

The Medical Centre of Family Medicine in Fushe Kosova is a pivotal hospital in the region, providing primary care service in the fields of gynaecology, paediatrics and dentistry and so forth. It is highly valued by the local population. In 2011, the hospital accepted on average almost 350 patients per day, the total number of patients amounting to approximately 130,000 per year.

The Medical Centre does not possess an X-ray inspection system and developing machine for X-rays. Patients who require an X-ray for their diagnosis, for example in case of broken bones or pathological changes of the lung, are forced to travel to a university hospital in the capital Pristina or another private hospital. This results in more than twice the inspection costs, and is a considerable economic and psychological burden for the affected families.

Furthermore, an automatic biochemical analyser owned by the hospital has become too decrepit for work. Malfunctioning is frequent, such as the machine generating heat and leaking liquids. In addition, the negative psychological effect on the patients is considerable as they are forced to repeat inspections several times and wait for a correct result for a long time.

The purpose of this project is the improvement of medical services in the region Fushe Kosovo. The government of Japan is granting financial assistance to the Main Centre of Family Medicine in Fushe Kosovo to purchase one X-ray inspection system, one developing machine for said X-ray inspection system, and one automatic biochemical analyser.

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