OSCE - Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Japan and OSCE

Since July 1992, as Japan participated in the Helsinki Summit of the CSCE as a guest of the presidency, Japan has been always involved in the CSCE. Today, as a "Partner for Co-operation"*, Japan actively participates in the activities of OSCE. Meetings of the Permanent Council (PC) as well as the Forum for Security and Co-operation (FSC) being held on a weekly basis in Vienna are attende by the Ambassador of Japan in Vienna or his staff, while the Meetings of Heads of State or Government and Ministerial Councils are usually attende by ministers or high-ranking officials from Japan for the exchange of views and consultations.

*Partners for Co-operation in Asia: Japan (1992), South Korea (1994), Thailand (2000), Afghanistan (2003), Australia (2009)

Japan, sharing basic values of democracy, human rights, rule of law and others, dispatches electoral observers, experts and other personell to election observation missions, regional missions or various workshops from the perspective of strengthening co-operation with the OSCE. Japan also contributes financially to the OSCE projects.

Japan's Co-operation

Support for democracy and stabilization in Ukraine

As an Asian Partner for Co-operation, Japan actively supports OSCE's efforts to restore democracy and achieve stabilization in Ukraine.

Participation in the Asian Contact Group

Meetings of the Contact Group with the Asian Partners for Co-operation are held about 5 times a year. Japan is making an important contribution to the discussins by providing the East Asia's perspectives on security environment and policies.

Japan-OSCE Conference

japan-osce conference

Usually once a year, a conferece co-hosted by the OSCE is held in one of Asian Partner countries. The 2014 conference was held in Tokyo, Japan, on the 16-17 June 2014.

Co-operative Projects for Central Asia with the OSCE's Involvement

Japan is also promoting co-operative projects with the OSCE by applying the Japan's ODA schemes such as the "Grass-roots Human Security" grant aid scheme mainly in Central Asia. The Embassy in Vienna plays a complementary role to coordinate so that the co-operatin between the OSCE Missions and the embassies of Japan or other parties will proceed smoothly.